A Book About Death Australia

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Creamy Cracker

This artwork is for an Exhibition held at the Tweed River Art Gallery, New South Wales, Australia.

18 October – 24 November, 2013

A Book About Death is coming to Australia!

This international exhibition originally conceived by Paris artist Matthew Rose was first exhibited in the Emily Harvey Gallery, New York in September 2009.

The exhibition became a world wide phenomena, involving work from over 500 artists and inspiring artists to curate off shoot exhibitions throughout North America, South America, Europe and Britain.

Now after four years, ABAD will be jumping continents and leaping to Australia.

An exhibition of new works created especially for the Australian exhibition as well as the original New York postcards will be exhibited at one of Australia’s most beautiful regional art galleries, the Tweed River Art Gallery in October 2013.

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Henry Ward Beecher

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Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.  ~Henry Ward Beecher


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Contemporary Art

This is some my artwork from my contemporary art class.


Zebra Finch

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Zebra Finch, originally uploaded by Alittlelulu Graphics.

This is my Zebra Finch from by bird series created in illustrator.
What do you think?

Guest Blog

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This post  is posted by a guest blogger: Rita Masarin. Visit my blog to check out my art and design, great recipes and  information on experimental films

The result of this portrait of myself  was  ‘playing’ with  Microsoft Word back in the day when I was real green( knew zilch) with computers.
From a photo image  I wanted a  heavily shadowed and high contrast  of light and dark values .
In Micro soft Word  I played with the hue and saturation until I was happy with the colours.

A happy accident, thats  the title I should’ve given the piece but I named her “Psychedelic  Shadows. I used oil as a medium  . The dimension 50cm x50cm.

Thank you  a little lulu for allowing me to be your guest blogger.

Two quotes

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Whether I’m painting or not, I have this overwhelming interest in humanity. Even if I’m not working, I’m still analyzing people.

You can’t leave humanity out. If you didn’t have humanity, you wouldn’t have anything.

Alice Neel

Sometimes creativity flows like butter

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Sometimes when an artist gets an idea it flows when the painter puts their paint brush to the canvas, when the writer puts their pen to paper the words flow out like soft butter running across the page. These moments don’t happen all the time. Even if you are trained in a specific area, sometimes the ideas just don’t come. I know that there are some days that I just can’t paint. I wrack my brain for ideas at times and they just don’t come.

Do you know what I mean?

Do you have those days when you pic up the paintbrush, the guitar, the pen, and it’s just not happening?

Have you ever wondered if creativity comes from you or from an external force?

Some artists make it big then the crash. Have you ever wondered why. Perhaps it’s because they give all the glory to themselves for their masterpieces. Perhaps their ego gets a little too large and their heads get a little too big and they can no longer squeeze through that narrow door called creativity because they think they are the creator.

You may not agree but I have found a very interesting video that all artists should watch. It is by a woman named Elizabeth Gilbert the author of Eat Pray Love


you wont be disappointed